Technology Assistance Center Newsletter

August 2022

A look at the upcoming changes and improvements to Brightspace that will take effect this month, Webex updates, I.T. news, and more!

I.T. News

Multi-Factor Authentication Is Coming Soon

We do not have a date yet, but multi-factor authentication will be enabled in the near future for Banner Web/MyInfo and Microsoft Office. More details to come.

FacStaff Wireless Network Will Soon Require Authentication

On Thursday, August 18th, the FacStaff wireless network will begin requiring users to authenticate with their NetID and network password. This will affect all devices that connect to the FacStaff wireless network. When the device attempts to connect, you should receive a prompt for you to enter your username and password. You may be prompted after signing in to trust a certificate from which is legitimate and you should accept it.

New TAC Website

The Technology Assistance Center has a new website! The new website features sections of information for new students, continuing students, faculty & staff, new faculty & staff, links to external resources such as DocuSign, Webmail, and Webex, and information about how to contact the TAC for help and support. The new TAC site also features a News & Updates feature, which will contain any relevant, upcoming news related to IT, eLearning, and the webmaster.

You can find the TAC website under the Departments/Divisions menu of the Faculty & Staff page of the website.

Faculty and Staff Can Now Login To The TAC Helpdesk To Check Ticket Status

Faculty and staff are now able to login to the TAC Helpdesk portal to see any tickets they have opened with the IT Department, eLearning, or web requests.

To login:

  1. go to the TAC helpdesk site at
  2. click on Your Tickets
  3. click “Sign In through GFCMSU SSO”
  4. enter your username as and your network password.

By default, you will see your tickets that are in an open or pending state. If you would like to see past tickets, click on “Open or Pending” and select “All Tickets”.

Brightspace News

Please note: There was no July newsletter, so updates listed below will show July or August after the title. July updates have already been implemented, while August updates will occur near the end of the month of August.

Grades – Copy grade items only copies unique or in-use grade schemes | Updated | July

This feature updates the Copy Course Components functionality in regard to copying grade schemes to prevent unnecessary duplicates.

When a grade item is copied, any grade scheme associated with the item is also copied. If a grade scheme is not associated to a grade item within the course offering, the scheme is only copied if the grade scheme is unique (i.e., there are no duplicates which match on name, and ranges).

Previously, unassociated grade schemes were always copied over with the grade items, causing numerous unnecessary duplicates.

Microsoft OneDrive – Use Microsoft’s OneDrive LTI application to link and embed files from OneDrive | Updated | July

Instructors are now able to pull content in from Microsoft OneDrive using the Brightspace OneDrive Picker. You can find the OneDrive Picker by going to Content > Existing Activities > OneDrive. You may be required to sign-in to your Microsoft Office account in order to access your OneDrive. If so, please remember to enter the username as and use your network password.

Turnitin – Rearrangement of options for the Turnitin integration | Updated | July

The Turnitin integration options layout and feature names are changed with this release. The option changes can be viewed on the Turnitin Integrations options page.

GradeMark is now Online Grading and Originality Check is now Similarity Report. Instructors can enable features for Online Grading and Similarity Report separately within the Turnitin Integration options page.

Turnitin – Restrict files to file types supported by Turnitin with the updated panel | Updated | July

Previously, Turnitin similarity check only supported specific file types while Turnitin grading check accepted any file type.

Instructors can now restrict file types to those supported by Turnitin. If an invalid type is submitted, an error is reported with no other side effect.

Turnitin – Turnitin feature names are now reflected in Brightspace Learning Environment’s user interface | Updated | July

In Brightspace Learning Environment, the submission view now reflects the new Turnitin feature names that match Brightspace’s user interface styling and text. The column titled Turnitin Similarity is now Turnitin® Similarity Report. The column titled Turnitin® GradeMark® is changed to Turnitin Online Grading.

There is no change in the functionality of submission views.

Assignments – Apply the filters Show everyone and Show all groups for individual and group assignments | Updated | August

Previously, in Assignments, the search filter defaulted to Users with submissions for individual assignments and Submitted groups for group assignments. Now, instructors will instead default to Show everyone for individual assignments and Show all groups for group assignments. These modified filters are the new default search option. After applying one of these default filters, instructors can apply additional filters to improve search optimization.

This feature implements PIE items (D1659 and D5126). Data also shows that instructors prefer to display all users before applying additional filters.

Brightspace Editor – Easily insert code snippets with the Insert Code option | New | August

There is a new option in Brightspace HTML Editor that allows instructors to directly insert a code snippet into their content. This is done by selecting the Other Insert Options menu from the Editor toolbar, and then selecting the new Insert Code option. From there, instructors select their programming language from a list of available choices and add their code into the interface to format before inserting it into the Editor.

Previously, instructors had to use the <code> tag and build out their own code to add a code snippet in the editor.

Note: The Insert Code option is not available in the Quizzes tool.

Figure: Brightspace Editor with the Other Insert Options menu opened, with Insert Code as the final menu option.
Figure: Brightspace Editor with the Other Insert Options menu opened, with Insert Code as the final menu option.
Figure: The Insert Code interface window.
Figure: The Insert Code interface window.
Figure: The code snippet inserted into the content with Brightspace Editor.
Figure: The code snippet inserted into the content with Brightspace Editor.

Intelligent Agents – Create more flexible agents with fewer criteria | Updated | August

On the New Agent page, in the Criteria section, all selections under Take Action on Activity are now optional. This means users can now create a new Intelligent Agent that applies to certain roles and doesn’t require any other criteria. Users are still required to select one of the options under Role in Classlist.

Previously, to create an Intelligent Agent, users had to select the roles the agent applies to, and one or more conditions the agent must check against: login activity, course activity, or release conditions. If a user attempted to save the agent without selecting a condition to check against, they received an error saying No Agent Criteria Defined.

Also in this update, on the New Agent page, in the Criteria section, under Role in Classlist, the option All users visible in the Classlist is no longer selected by default. This is a precaution to prevent users from accidentally creating an agent that runs against everyone.

Quizzes – End of Life for Disable Right Click option | Removed | August

As of this release, the Disable Right Click option in quizzes is removed from Quizzes in Brightspace Learning Environment. The option is no longer available in Quiz Setup, and existing quizzes with the setting no longer enforce the limitation on learners.

This option was previously intended to allow Instructors to disable right-clicking during the time a learner was taking quiz, thus making it more difficult for learners ability to copy or print the quiz and share it with others. However, as browsers have reduced the ability for web sites to control end-user behavior, the Disable Right Click setting could not necessarily be applied to all students, and it provided a false sense of security around quiz content.

For more information concerning this change, refer to Advanced Notice: Retirement of Quizzes “Disable Right Click” Setting in Brightspace Community.

This feature implements the following PIE items:

  • D7267 (Add configuration variable for Disable Right Click)
  • D6981 (Disable Right Click default setting)

Quizzes – Save time and prevent data loss with the Restore Deleted Quizzes functionality | New | August

This feature adds a new option in quizzes that allows instructors to restore deleted quizzes. This option appears in the More Actions menu in the Quizzes tool. Instructors using this option are provided with a list of deleted quizzes that indicates when they were deleted and by whom, along with a button to restore a selected quiz.

Restored quizzes automatically have any associated quiz attempts that were already taken, statistics, and scores for those quiz attempts restored as well. Learning Outcomes associated to quiz questions are unaffected, and re-appear with the questions when the quiz is restored. Links to a grade item and competencies are not restored.

The Delete Quizzes permission has been renamed to Delete and Restore Quizzes. Roles that previously had the Delete Quizzes permission set automatically gain the ability to restore quizzes.

This feature implements the following PIE items:

  • D2807 (Restore Deleted Quizzes)
Figure: The Restore option in the More Actions drop-down menu of the Manage Quizzes tab.
Figure: The Restore option in the More Actions drop-down menu of the Manage Quizzes tab.
Figure: The new Restore Quizzes page.
Figure: The new Restore Quizzes page.