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Technology Assistance Center Newsletter
October 2020

A look at the upcoming changes and improvements to the Brightspace learning environment that will take effect during the last week of October and more!

Brightspace Upcoming Changes

Copy Course Components - Separate permissions to copy from a course and copy to a course | New

With this functionality we could better utilize "master" course shells that could be maintained by one instructor and provide other instructors and adjuncts the ability to copy content from without giving the ability to alter the content in the master shell.

Please contact Wayne in the Technology Assistance Center if you are interested in utilizing this functionality

Course Export - Export course changes | New

This feature allows Brightspace Learning Environment administrators and instructors to export a course as an IMS Common Cartridge package or as a Thin Common Cartridge package. It also allows the Bulk Course Export tool to export a course as a Common Cartridge package.

Occasionally, instructors have a need to export their course content to import into another platform, such as Moodle or Canvas. When this has occurred it has posed some challenges as the exported content was in a proprietary D2L format that required some workarounds to import into another LMS. This change should make that problem a thing of the past. IMS Common Cartridge is a standard for LMS course packages that all major LMS's should be or already are adhering to.

Quick Eval - User interface improvements | New

Quick Eval is now listed in the Course Admin page under the Assessment category when Quick Eval is turned on and the user has access to it.

Quiz Builder - Question import improvements | New

This feature updates question importing options in Quiz Builder. When importing questions from Question Library, users can now use the default end of quiz location for the questions, or choose to import the questions into a section. Previously, all questions imported from the Question Library were placed at the end of the Quiz by default, with no ability to select a specific quiz section.

Figure: The Import drop-down menu now shows the Import to Section option on the Browse Question Library screen.

Quizzes - Editing quizzes with previous attempts | Updated

Points for all past quiz attempts are no longer modified when edits are made that affect the overall points and/or the grading calculations for a quiz. In the previous release, this update extended only to quizzes with attempts started after the June 2020/20.20.6 release. Now, all previous quizzes with attempts started before Brightspace Learning Environment version 20.20.6 will display the quiz and grading calculations that appeared to the learner at the exact time they made the attempt.

Webex Updates and News

Webex Education Connector Usage Stats

To date we have had 33 courses using the Webex Education Connector for Meetings with 142 individual meetings scheduled by instructors. 10 courses are currently using the Office Hours feature with a total of 26hr 15m having been booked to date.

Figure: Webex Education Connector statistics.

HughesNet Internet Service - Intermittent Issue

We have discovered that HughesNet Internet customers may not be able to utilize the Webex Education Connector intermittently. This applies to both instructors and students. From the two cases we have seen so far the end user is able to see and use the Education Connector most days but may click on the link in the course and see an "unable to connect" message within their D2L window. The problem seems to resolve itself by the next day.

If this problem occurs for you or one of your students, please know that Webex meetings that you have previously scheduled in the Education Connector will still work through Webex directly. So, if you, the instructor, can't reach the Education Connector, you can login to http://gfcmsu.webex.com to host your meeting and the students will still join from the Education Connector. If one of your students is unable to view the Education Connector for this reason, you can login to Webex at http://gfcmsu.webex.com and either invite the student to the meeting or copy the meeting information and paste it into an email to the student.

We believe that this type of issue will be very rare as it only seems to affect HughesNet customers, but wanted to make our instructors aware of it. If you have any questions please contact Wayne or Dave in the Technology Assistance Center.

We're Happy to Help!

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, troubleshooting questions, or anything else related to Brightspace or the Technology Assistance Center, please let us know!

Visit us in G100,
give us a call at 406-771-4440,
or fill out our support form at http://tac.gfcmsu.edu/ticketform.html.

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