Technology Assistance Center Newsletter
November 2019

A look at the upcoming changes and improvements to the Brightspace learning environment that will take effect during the last week of November and more!

IT Help Ticket System

IT has established a new help ticket system to help track issues and requests. Much like Facilities Work Requests, all non-emergency IT requests will now go through the ticketing system.

There are two ways to access the system:

Go to Faculty & Staff on the main webpage, then select forms.  Under common forms, select IT/eLearning Ticket.  Fill out your information & hit submit.


Go to Campus information on the main webpage, under campus departments select Technology Assistance Center, click the drop-down menu under IT Services and then select Create a Ticket. Fill out your information & hit submit.

Assignments - Improvements to Assignments | Updated

The Assignments page shows a count of new submissions and resubmissions in the New column, which you can opt-in/opt-out of displaying.

Assignments – Letter grading available | New

Grade Schemes can now be used by instructors to evaluate assignments by associating Selectbox Grade Items to an assignment. When grading an assignment through Assignments, Quick Eval, or Grades, the evaluator is shown a dropdown menu with the associated grade scheme levels. This feature functions identically for rubrics and numeric values as the previously existing Selectbox grade item type in the gradebook.

Intelligent Agents - Email images and enrollment permission checks | New

This feature includes to changes to Intelligent Agents:

  • Users can now insert images directly into the body of intelligent agent emails using the Add Image button in the HTML editor. The images are attached to the email and shown in place when viewed in the recipient's external mail client.
  • New permission checks are now in place that limit assigning new enrollments using intelligent agents. Intelligent agent creators can no longer enroll users into a course they do not have enrollment permissions in or to a role they do not have permission to enroll. Previously, it was possible to assign a greater set of permissions than the intelligent agent creators themselves had the permissions to do. Now, when the user accesses the Change User Enrollments area, the New Role drop-down menu limits the Enroll options available to the IA creator. On save, the intelligent agent displays an error if the combination of course and enrollment selected are not permitted.
  • A new Intelligent Agents permission called Use Agent Unenrollment Actions that controls whether the unenrollment option is available to the user. This permission is ON by default to replicate the current experience.

Learning Groups - Group tiles | New

The Learning Groups interface now displays group tiles that provide at-a-glance information about the members and course assignments of the group. Group tiles include the following details:

  • Learning Group name
  • Total number of group members, plus up to 3 profile images of individual group members
  • Images of courses assigned to the learning group, if available. A maximum of 3 course images appear for groups with 3 or more courses assigned.

Learning Outcomes – Ability to create custom outcomes not in the ASN | New

To increase the value and the efficiency of Learning Outcomes, program administrators can create outcomes at the org level that are available to all courses. This removes the dependency on the Achievement Standards Network (ASN), and enables clients to have more stringent control over the wording of outcomes used within their institution. The ability to create outcomes not listed in the ASN includes the following changes:

  • On the Administrator menu, when the administrator accesses Learning Outcomes (or, depending on your implementation of the d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes configuration variable, the Standards, Expectations, Objectives, or Competencies) at the organization level, there is a new Programs tab in the area where you create achievement scales. On that tab, there is a list of program outcome categories and the ability to create new program outcomes.
  • From the Course Administration Learning Outcomes management page, an option is available to import program outcomes created by administrators at the Organization level. When the instructor selects the program, a list of outcomes for that program appears.
  • Instructors can create child outcomes for a program outcome.

Learning Outcomes – View assessment details on the Outcomes Progress Details page | New

To increase the value of the Outcomes Progress Details page, instructors and other instructor-type roles can now view feedback and submissions for assignments and discussion topics for individual learners. Previously, only some information about individual assessments appeared on the Outcomes Progress page, but not the full context of the assessment; with this change, a more complete view of the assessments is available on the Outcomes Progress page.

The page now links to a summary of the activity, the learner’s submission or demonstration of the activity, the assessment that an instructor has provided. The feedback page displays the following information (if it is available in Brightspace Learning Environment):

  • Activity description
  • Learner submission
  • Rubric assessment
  • Score achieved by the learner
  • Start, due, and end dates
  • Outcomes and levels achieved
  • General feedback provided by the instructor or evaluator

Quick Eval – Improve consistency across supported tools | Updated

To improve consistency across tools in Quick Eval, the following updates are being released:

  • When feedback on a quiz submission is saved as draft, a draft icon displays next to the quiz submissions in Quick Eval.
  • In Activities view, the Publish All option is available for Quizzes.

Quizzes - Restore quiz attempts in the Quiz Attempt log | Update

When an instructor restores a learner's deleted quiz attempt, note the following workflow changes:

  • A deleted quiz attempt can only be restored if the learner does not have another quiz attempt in progress.
  • The Restore button only appears for the latest deleted quiz attempt.

Quizzes – Save feedback as draft | New

Instructors can now clearly see when feedback is saved as a draft, or published, while evaluating quiz submissions. On the quiz evaluation page, the Graded (G) checkbox and Save button have been replaced by the Publish and Save Draft buttons.

Note: A new column is being added to the database table - QA. The first differential run now matches the full report run for Quiz Attempts Brightspace Data Set, and takes as long to run as a full report.

For additional information visit the About changes in Quizzing tool (20.19.11 – November release) blog post on Community.

Quizzes - Set quiz options in Quiz Builder | New

The new Quiz Builder experience now allows instructors to set additional quiz options when creating quizzes. A More Actions button is visible when users select the checkbox for one or more questions; allowing instructors to set questions as mandatory or bonus directly from Quiz Builder, and change the number points assigned to a question or set of questions. There is no change in how the bonus, mandatory, or points features work.

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