Technology Assistance Center Newsletter
March 2020

A look at the upcoming changes and improvements to the Brightspace learning environment that will take effect during the last week of March and more!

Training and Support For The Move To Online

Great Falls College MSU is facing the challenge of education in the time of Coronavirus head on and we want you to know that the Faculty Development Center, Technology Assistance Center, and Peer Mentors are ready, willing, and able to help with any questions, problems, and challenges we are met with.

Faculty Tools Training

A Faculty Tools Training course shell was created as a living document with simplified instructions for using the basic tools in Brightspace (Content, Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions), tips on protecting academic integrity in online quizzes and exams, and tutorials for using Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, using Panopto to record asynchronous lectures, using Webex to provide synchronous lectures to online students, student instructions for Webex, troubleshooting Webex problems and much more! Please refer to it if you have questions regarding the use of any of those tools mentioned above and reach out to Becky Sullivan in the Faculty Development Center, Wayne Breau in the Technology Assistance Center, Laura Wight in the Library, or any of the peer mentors. The peer mentors are listed with their contact information on the Peer Mentors page within the Faculty Tools Training course shell, along with the list of tools and resources they can provide assistance with.

Becky Sullivan - 406.771.5148 or email

Wayne Breau - 406.771.4444 or email

Technology Assistance Center - 406.771.4440,, or chat with us at

Peer Mentors - The peer mentors contact information is available within the Faculty Tools Training course in Brightspace

Tips & Troubleshooting Webex Problems

This page provides users with helpful information for using Webex with low bandwidth, this could be important for ALL users using Webex from any location as more and more users are utilizing their home and business internet connections on a more constant basis than we are used to (kids out of school streaming video, students and instructors teleconferencing, etc). We have also included this information within the Faculty Tools Training course shell in Brightspace.

Respondus Monitor Chat Support For Students

As students move through the initial pre-exam sequence there are some troubleshooting steps that appear if Respondus Monitor encounters any problems. If the issues are not able to be resolved via the troubleshooter, the student will be given an option to chat with Respondus support via chat. This is an included service with Respondus Monitor and is available 24/7.

Brightspace Changes

Announcements - Display author information | New

The Announcements tool will now display author information (name and timestamp) on new and edited announcements.

Users reading the announcement may see some or all of the following author information:

  • the original author
  • the original date and time of the announcement
  • the author who edited the announcement
  • the date and time of the edit

Copy Course Components - LTI links preserved in copied courses | New

D2L has created two new history fields within the backend database that will house history variable information that should allow links from external learning tools (Pearson, Cengage, uCertify, etc) to work when carried forward to a new term's course shell. This change was made to align with best practices set forth by IMS Global.

Groups - Set exact time learners can self-enroll | Updated

When setting up groups that allow learners to self-enroll, instructors can now add an exact time when enrollment opens, and an exact time when self-enrollment expires.

Quick Eval - Support for anonymous marking | Updated

Assignments created with the "hide student names during assessment" option selected now display in Quick Eval's Submission view with learner names and profile images hidden. Instructors using anonymous marking can access Quick Eval with confidence that it supports their anonymous marking needs.

Quiz Builder - Import questions from Brightspace Learning Repository | New

As part of the new Quiz Builder experience, users can import quiz questions stored in the Brightspace Learning Repository. This change enables direct access to quiz questions stored in the LOR from within the Import workflow. Previously, importing questions was only available from the legacy Add/Edit Questions screens.

Rubrics - Confirmation message for partially unevaluated rubrics | New

To prevent publishing partially unevaluated rubrics, the publishing workflow in the new Rubrics grading experience now includes a confirmation message that warns users when the rubric is not fully evaluated. Instructors have the option to continue publishing or cancel. Warning messages appear when publishing a rubric for an individual student and when bulk publishing rubrics. Users attempting to publish an incomplete rubric evaluation must now click Publish to complete the workflow.

Rubrics – Manually map achievement levels to Rubric levels | Updated

You can now manually map achievement levels to Rubric levels for all types of rubrics. Previously, achievement levels were automatically mapped to points-based or custom points-based rubrics. This feature enables you to override the percentage scale alignment with respect to an individual rubric if you choose to do so. This feature only appears when the scale has percentage values defined and is only enabled for points and custom point-based rubrics. For no score rubrics, the threshold marker placement is suggested and adjustable since there is no score calculation in the rubric.

Figure: New learning outcomes containing options to manually or automatically map achievement levels to rubric levels.

We're Happy to help!

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, troubleshooting questions, or anything else related to Brightspace or the Technology Assistance Center, please let us know!

Visit us in G100,
give us a call at 406-771-4440,
or fill out our support form at,

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