Technology Assistance Center Newsletter
January 2020

A look at the upcoming changes and improvements to the Brightspace learning environment that will take effect during the last week of January and more!

Assignments - New Assignments page on my default | Updated

Previously, instructors could choose whether to view the Assignments page in their courses with the Assignments view or with the legacy view. This update removes the OptIn option and enables the new Assignments view by default.

Support for Internet Explorer | Removed

As of January 1st, 2020 D2L has ended support for Internet Explorer with Brightspace. All versions of Internet Explorer will no longer be able to access Brightspace.

Classlist - Total number of users field and floating buttons | New

The total number of users in the whole class, section, or group will now appear at the bottom of the Classlist page.

On the Print Classlist and Email Classlist pages, the Print and Email buttons now float consistently on the screen, eliminating unnecessary scrolling.

Copy Course Components - Validation logic added to the copy process | New

When copying your course content forward from one term to another, there will be a validation step that occurs that will inform you if you have performed a copy from the source course previously. This should help to avoid unnecessary duplication of copied course content.

Discussions - Assessment consistency changes | New

Discussions will now have multi-select options to publish feedback and retract feedback. In the status column, the Draft/Published checkbox will be replaced by information on the date when feedback was saved as draft or published.

Please note: The Save, Save and Close, and Cancel buttons have also been removed, so instructors will need to use the Publish Feedback and Retract Feedback options.

Figure: Previous view when assessing a discussion topic
Figure: Updated view when assessing a discussion topic

Groups - Self-enrollment group capacity, start dates, and descriptions | New

This feature implements three separate improvements to the Groups tool:

  • Group members can now see the description of their group if the description field has been enabled by the instructor.
  • Self-enrollment groups capacities will now be able to alter after the groups have been created.
  • Instructors will be able to set start dates for self-enrollment groups.

Quick Eval - Dismiss activities from list | New

Instructors will now be able to select items that appear in the Quick Eval list and remove them temporarily or permanently. This is being implemented to help instructors better manage what they need to see and respond to within the Quick Eval tool.

Quizzes - New Quiz Builder experience defaults to On | New

Instructors will now have the New Quiz Builder enabled by default, but will still have the option to opt-out of using it if they choose. Please keep in mind that the New Quiz Builder will be the only quiz builder at some point, so it may be beneficial to try it out sooner, rather than later.

Quizzes - Synchronization with Grades | New

Quiz scores and feedback entered in the Grades area now synchronize automatically with the grades and feedback in the Quizzes tool.

Changes to Rubrics | New and Updated

The default setting to OptIn to the new Rubric experience will now be set to on. If you were already using the new Rubric experience, you will see no change. If you were not previously using the new Rubric experience, you will be opted in automatically.

When creating rubrics, users can now share the rubric created with other courses. This was possible with the legacy Rubrics tool but had not been available with the updated Rubrics tool until now.

Figure: The Add Org Units button enables users to make the rubric available to other org units.

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